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Ryba Žilina

Ryba Žilina company has become a member of the PRETO group, which is its majority owner since December, 2013.

Ryba Žilina Ltd. belongs to one of the leading producers of fish and delicatessen products in Slovakia.  It is the oldest continuously functioning businesses fish processing , which has been operating since 1924. We are also an important distributor of frozen goods, such as:

* frozen fish

* frozen vegetables

* semi-finished goods

* meat products etc.

Our customers are large national and transnational networks, customers in the HORECA segment, as well as independent stores.

Offering of goods:

Assortment of fish products can be found under the PRETO Ryba Žilina brand, assortment of cold salads under the PRETO Delikates brand, assortment of frozen fish under the Frodo and Radoma brand.

Quality assurance:

We tend to use the highest quality inputs in our production, because satisfied customer and product quality is our priority. Long – term tradition together with the newest technological equipment give customers the guarantee of the highest quality and excellent taste. Moreover, Our products are packed into modern packages which help to increase the attractiveness for our customers. The guarantee of quality is certified BRC